Safe and Found Diver Security

An alarm button

When the unthinkable happen time is of essence. Current protocols for how you should act when you loose your dive buddy are good, but not good enough.

When something bad happen below the surface you want to alarm the boat captain and your dive buddies and make sure that they quickly can find you.

Diving conditions aren’t always crystal clear water and free sight of 20 m. More often there are circumstances far from perfect when it comes to light and visibility.

Ultrasound Technology

Radio waves are not possible to use in a convenient way beneath the surface. Instead we use sound waves not detectable by the human ear is needed to be used to alarm your buddies.

Easy to use

The alarm button has intentionally not got many options for how it is supposed to be used.
There are only three modes to be used under water. It is for your safety.

Secure Design

The alarm button design is to be as secure as possible and not risking a false alarm to be sent without the intention of the diver.

Standalone or Connected

The Alarm Button work in a connected or standalone mode. If the boat has not got the Boat Center product, you need at least one buddy with the same awareness, and your safe.

Instant connection to Alarm Centrals

Your dive center has the option of using the Boat Center module, a part of the system that makes it possible to detect a distress signal from below the surface and automatically connect to alarm centers of their market.